HasLab Transformers Victory Saber Backer Update | Packaging Art Sneak Peek

Welcome back, Transformers: Victory Saber HasLab backers! We’re bringing you another behind-the-scenes look into the process of bringing your HasLab project to life. This time, we’re switching gears and taking a deep dive into some exclusive packaging art.

We’re not ready to show the full box structure or finished design just yet, but we’re excited to officially reveal who will be bringing this project to life! This person is a long-time contributor to the Transformers brand and a recent Transformers Hall of Fame inductee. He’s an all-around insanely talented artist whose work on your favorite bots is More Than Meets The Eye. It’s none other than Guido Guidi!

A lot of work goes into creating the packaging files for a HasLab-level project. Our talented packaging design team is working on some awesome features that we’ll reveal at our first physical product unboxing, so stay tuned! For now, let’s take a look at the first pass of art we received from Guido.


Working with our design team, Guido explored many different style options to best represent Star Saber, Victory Leo, and the Victory Saber combined mode. He tested how the composition would fit within our packaging constraints, while still looking amazing on your shelf. The classic reformatting gridlines and structure scan design were an important part of the Transformers: Victory animation, and we wanted to make sure we incorporated them in the final art.


As Guido and our design team refined the composition and execution, we wanted to showcase Star Saber Victory Leo, and Victory Saber on the front of the package. Combining the color artwork with the reformatting grid design, the first round of Guido’s art came together! While the lines here are still “rough,” here’s a look at how package art goes from a first-round concept to a slightly more refined second-round look. Don’t you wish your “rough” sketches looked this good?


As everything comes together, Guido is finally ready to refine his artwork and move on to inks. See how technical and precise he can get? If you’ve read any comics illustrated by Guido, this probably isn’t a shock to you.

Let us know what you think about the artwork and how you feel about Guido Guidi giving Victory Saber the star treatment! Keep an eye out for more updates coming your way!