HasLab War for Cybertron Unicron: Production Update #2

In these chaotic times, the Chaos Bringer finds order.

Even working from home, our engineers are working hard to keep Unicron development on track. Below you'll see images of what we call a T1 sample, which stands for Test 1. It's the first time we run the molds with plastic so the sample is very rough. It's not the final colors and the parts don't all fit exactly right at this stage. We normally don't see T1 samples in Rhode Island, usually we wait until EP1, which stands for Engineering Pilot 1, to get the first samples. But for the immense Planet Eater we wanted the samples earlier in the process.

Here is 1 mold which includes the face of Unicron. This is what the plastic is run through in the factory.


And here is the T1 sample, standing at 27 inches tall when on his stand. This is the first photo of him in plastic, albeit a funky array of colored plastics. Without rings, he is 16 inches wide, but with rings, he hangs over our engineer's side table at 32 inches wide. And not including the stand, he has a depth of 11 inches. The stand itself has a width and depth of 21.5 inches.

Since we're still in these very early stages, all dimensions are approximate and subject to changes.

Among the many things our engineers needed to test, they were tasked with determining if Unicron is big enough to look out the window longingly.


The results are in...





And the answer is yes.

It was also crucial to see how Unicron compares in size sitting next to the common house cat.

Our engineer's cat, Charlie, was ready to assist. He's a professional sitter.


As you can see, the results show Unicron is very big.

This next shot isn't of the T1 sample, it's a model our instructions designer is using as he works on the instruction’s booklet for Unicron from his beautiful kitchen.

The Chaos Bringer really brings the whole room together. And fills the space nicely in planet mode at 33 inches tall and 37 inches wide including his ring. Without the ring he's 20 inches wide.


Again, since we're still in these very early stages, all dimensions are approximate and subject to changes.

Developing instructions for such an enormous figure can be exhausting.

So sometimes they take a much-needed fishing break.

And here we have some more very important engineering testing.

We really want to make sure Unicron is durable, so our trusty engineer's assistant, Charlie, did a bite test.

He checked both horns. He's very thorough. But not even the fangs of this "ferocious" feline could defeat such a formidable foe.

However, there was one thing left inconclusive, does this make Charlie The Planet Eater Eater?


And now, a sneak peek of final package graphics:

If you were wondering what possible vessel could hold the mighty Unicron, the answer is this giant 26” x 26” x 26” box. Fun Fact: Our 6-foot tall brand manager can fit inside. We checked.

Despite the unique circumstances and a little cat hair on the sample, we're still plugging along, working to bring you the Bringer of Chaos you've been anxiously anticipating.

Stay tuned for Unicron Update #3 down the line when we'll bring you even more updates on our development process.


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