Marvel Legends Giant-Man HasLab Update

The Marvel Legends boys are back and thrilled to share a much-anticipated, larger- than-life sneak peek at the early production model of the Marvel Legends Series Giant-Man HasLab! Towering at an awe-inspiring 24 inches (60 cm), this Giant-Man is not just any action figure; it's a monumental tribute to the heroic stature he's known for in the Marvel Universe.

Crafted with a staggering 91 points of articulation (and yes, 29 in each hand for epic high-fives), this figure is the epitome of flexibility. We’ve engineered every inch of this figure to be ultra-poseable and sturdy so that you can recreate Giant-Man’s most iconic stances and glances for display that’ll make your shelves look legendary.

In this exclusive video, not only will you catch a glimpse of the monumental figure in its early production stage, but you'll also be treated to the reveal of the stunning packaging artwork. We're proud to showcase the beautiful art by the talented John Tyler Christopher, chosen by the backers. This packaging isn’t just a box, it’s a display-worthy masterpiece that celebrates the passion and creativity of the Marvel Legends community.

And there's more — Ryan, Dan, and Dwight are thrilled to share a special reveal they’ve been eagerly waiting to unveil. Trust us, it’s something you won’t want to miss.