Ghostbusters Plasma Series Ecto-1 (1984) Vehicle

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Whether looking for fans and collectors, or toy cars for kids, the Ghostbusters Plasma Series Ecto-1 (1984) is scary awesome. Featuring premium design, this 1984-inspired Ghostbusters toy re-creates the iconic car from the entertainment. With wheels that move, doors that open, and a gurney that slides out from the rear, fans can re-create favorite moments from the classic entertainment. It’s even compatible with small action figures for boys and girls, like the Hasbro Ghostbusters 3.75-inch toy figures. Ghostbusters Hasbro toys include girls and boys action figures, toy vehicles, and role play toys that make great additions to any Ghostbusters costume, including kids costumes! (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.) 

  • Fans and collectors can display this Ghostbusters vehicle toy, featuring premium design and detail, in their Ghostbusters collections
  • This Ecto-1 Ghostbusters vehicle has been designed to look like the iconic car from the 1984 classic film Ghostbusters 
  • The reliable Ecto-1, aka the Ectomobile, has been with the Ghostbusters through thick and thin, always carrying the team and their gear on their ghost bustin’ adventures
  • The Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (1984) features doors that open, wheels that move, and a gurney that slides out from the rear
  • Ghostbusters merchandise like the Plasma Series Ecto-1 (1984) makes a great gift for Ghostbusters fans, whether kids or collectors
  • Look for other Ghostbusters toys to build a creepy collection, including cool action figures, vehicles, and role play items (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.)

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Includes: Vehicle and 9 pieces.

Ages 14 and up.


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