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Star Wars The Black Series Mandalorian Death Watch Premium Electronic Helmet

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Fans and collectors can imagine the biggest battles and missions from a galaxy far, far away with electronic helmets from The Black Series! (each sold separately) With exquisite features and premium deco, this series embodies the quality and realism that Star Wars devotees love. Experience the excitement and action of Star Wars with the Star Wars The Black Series Mandalorian Death Watch Premium Electronic Helmet!

Imagine donning the signature helmet of one of the most legendary clans of Mandalore of the Star Wars Galaxy with the Mandalorian Death Watch Premium Electronic Helmet, featuring electronic LED lights and a drop-down rangefinder with illuminated heads-up display (HUD)! When the rangefinder descends with the press of a button, wearers can activate the electronic light-up HUD and imagine battling like one of the fearsome Mandalorian Death Watch. With entertainment-inspired deco and design, this helmet delivers on the iconic presentation and detail of roleplay items from Star Wars The Black Series.

Imagine readying for battle like the warrior clans of Mandalore! With realistic design and deco that is entertainment-inspired, collectors can relive iconic scenes from the Star Wars Galaxy or display their ultimate collectible in their Star Wars collection! Press the button on the side of the Mandalorian Death Watch helmet to activate the drop-down rangefinder with 2 flashing red LED lights, as well as a white LED-illuminated heads-up display (HUD), and imagine the thrill of being one of the most fearsome warriors in the galaxy!

The warrior clans of Mandalore were believed to have been wiped out ages ago, their tattered remnants exiled to the Concordia moon. But their ways were resurrected, and with them, their legendary combat armor that was feared across the galaxy. Beskar can withstand blaster bolts, nearly impenetrable protection that made the warrior class difficult to defeat at the height of their power.

Includes: helmet and instructions.

Ages 14 and up



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