First Looks at HasLab Deathsaurus Early Sample Update

Our good friend and product designer, Evan, has been working tirelessly to ensure that your Emperor of Destruction, HasLab Deathsaurus, is coming along to be a perfect display piece in your Transformers collection! After all, the Emperor wants his figure and form perfect from the start...but, as Evan will tell you, that's not always the way it works out.

Join Evan as he talks you through everything that we look at and evaluate when our early samples arrive, and how we refine your item to be sure it is worthy of its HasLab title. You'll see some side-by-side comparisons with our previous HasLab, Victory Saber, as well as get some sneaky behind-the-scenes information on how Deathsaurus, Pipo, and Boater came to life.

Check it all out here, with the click of a button!