Transformers: Legacy Robots in Disguise 2001 Omega Prime


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Two Autobots, bonded like brothers, yet divided by destiny. Optimus Prime was chosen to be the bearer of the Matrix of Leadership and the next commander of the Autobots, leaving Ultra Magnus scornful and bitter. Ultra Magnus challenged Optimus Prime for possession of the Matrix of Leadership and Autobot command. In the middle of battle, the two combined into a new form: Ultimate Energy Combiner, Omega Prime.

Hasbro Pulse is kicking off the Transformers 40th anniversary celebration with a HasLab of powerful proportions! Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus join forces to present Omega Prime as the next HasLab project!

  • 8.5-inch Optimus Prime figure
  • 15-inch command center
  • Blaster accessory
  • 2 Matrix of Leadership accessories
  • 11.5-inch Ultra Magnus figure
  • 5.75-inch Autobot Bluebolts figure
  • TIER #1 UNLOCKED: 23.5-inch Matrix Blade Accessory
  • TIER #2 UNLOCKED: 2 combinable Global Space Bridge display base pieces

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To commemorate the past 40 years of – More Than Meets the Eye – the team recognized the need for a HasLab project that fans have been dreaming of adding to their collections. The original stylings of Transformers: Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus are back for the first time since 2001, updated with improved articulation and structural stability for more dynamic figure poses.


Yuki-san designed the original Transformers: Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus toys back in 2000, and he returned to partner with us to design this HasLab project. He packed in the classic features of the original toy that fans loved, while updating the design to reflect the modern standards of Transformers action figure articulation.


Optimus Prime – a legend who needs no introduction. What better way to kick off our 40th celebration than with a Cybertronian who embodies all of Transformers? In 2001, Transformers: Robots in Disguise reintroduced our heroic leader with a firetruck alt mode. This rendition of Optimus Prime refreshes this unique alt mode with deco based off the animation and includes classic features from the original toy.

Optimus Prime

·         8.5 inches tall (22 cm) in robot mode

·         Converts from robot to iconic firetruck cab mode

·         Comes with a blaster accessory and 2 Matrix of Leadership accessories

·         Storage for the Matrix of Leadership accessories

Command Center

·         Back half of the firetruck doubles as a 15-inch (38 cm) command center

·         Articulated ladder

·         Features 4 rotating missiles inside the ladder

·         Missiles include 5mm ports for blast effects. Blast effects also fit in the top of the ladder (blast effects sold separately, subject to availability)

·         Titan Master-compatible ladder – Titan Master figures can sit on the side and top of the ladder (sold separately, subject to availability)

Super Mode

·         Armor up the Optimus Prime figure with the Command Center pieces to unlock Super Mode

·         Vac-metal eyes and antennas

·         Hot foil stamped Autobot emblem


Though Ultra Magnus has a jealous streak, we can’t deny he is one of the greatest Autobot solders in history. And when partnered with his Battle Master, Autobot Bluebolts, his firepower is unmatched. The team incorporated all of the classic play patterns of the original toy that fans love, with some updates to the overall structure for more posing stability.

Ultra Magnus

·         11.5 inches tall (29 cm) in robot mode

·         Enhanced ankle articulation for dynamic poses

·         Converts from robot to car carrier trailer vehicle

·         Features dual-level vehicle storage. Can store 3 Deluxe Class figures as cars in vehicle mode (each sold separately, subject to availability)

·         Vac-metal eyes and front grill in vehicle mode

·         Hot foil stamped Autobot emblem visible in vehicle mode

Autobot Bluebolts

·         5.75 inches tall (15 cm) in robot mode

·         Converts from robot mode into 6 weapon accessories

·         Figure can break down and fit inside the Ultra Magnus figure


Power-hungry and greedy, Ultra Magnus forced Optimus Prime into a combined state with himself to steal the power of the Matrix of Leadership. The result: Omega Prime was created, a powerful combiner that both Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus had equal control over. This HasLab project is the culmination of 40 years of Transformers innovation, leaning in heavily on everything fans loved about the original figure. The classic combination is still the star feature, with improved structural support and a sleek design to be able to withstand the awesome action poses of a hefty combiner.

Omega Prime

·         13.75 inches tall (35 cm) in combined mode

·         Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus figures combine into Omega Prime

·         Combination begins with a handshake, just like the original toys

·         Vac-metal eyes and antennas

·         Enhanced waist articulation for dynamic poses

·         Autobot Bluebolts can be attached as a shoulder-mounted weapons system


It’s been 40 years, Transformers fans. Since 1984, the Transformers brand has been rolling out across television, the big screen, comics, and more, bringing stories of incredible robots in disguise into our lives. The Transformers brand has shown us that our world – our universe – can be – More Than Meets the Eye.

To our dedicated fans, thank you for 40 amazing years. Whether you’ve been here since the beginning or jumped in somewhere along the way to where we are today, we wouldn’t be here without you. Back this project today and help kick our 40th celebration into high gear! Here’s to the next 40 years!


23.5-inch Matrix Blade Accessory

A physical embodiment of the power of the Matrix of Leadership, the Matrix Blade is the ultimate weapon of Omega Prime. This accessory measures 23.5 inches tall (57 cm) and recreates the iconic weapon from the anime in vivid detail.


2 Combinable Global Space Bridge Display Stands

The Cybertronian network of roads, known as the Global Space Bridge, is the fastest way for the Autobots to travel around Earth. These Global Space Bridge display stands faithfully recreate this aspect of the animation for the Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, and Omega Prime figures to be posed on. Pose the figures separately on the two included 7.75-inch (20 cm) stand bases, or combine the bases into one larger 15.25-inch (39 cm) base to display the Omega Prime combiner.